Translation & interpreting

from many different languages into German and vice versa


Translation involves the "rendering" of the contents of written documents drawn up in one language in a different one. Our translators translate, for example,

  • advertising brochures and Internet websites,
  • letters, drafts of texts and contractual material,
  • product descriptions and operating instructions,
  • personal memoranda and correspondence,
  • official documents.

Certification of translations of official documents is available through state-sworn translators.


Both the four-eyes and native-speaker principle apply: at least one other translator checks translations for completeness and accuracy; the target language must be the translator's first language.


We guarantee our customers that their translation orders will be carried out reliably and on time.



Interpreting, on the other hand, is an impromptu exercise and is conducted verbally. Naturally enough, preparation beforehand of the contents involved makes sense, and this approach is standard practice.


So, you need a "language go-between", in other words, an interpreter, for

  • training programmes and functions,
  • sales discussions and negotiations,
  • trade fairs and exhibitions,
  • visits to authorities?


Let us be that go-between, and free up your head and hands, which will enable you to concentrate on the essentials and at the same time guarantee that you're in a very safe place from a language point of view as well.