Teaching method & learning material

unilingual & practice-oriented


Teaching method

  • The beginning is all about listening and absorbing the melody of the language
  • This is followed by repeating: speaking predominates and is practised extensively right from the first lesson
  • Learning is also always about giving it a go, approaching the new, picking it up step-by-step, making mistakes along the way and finding it all good fun
  • Unilingual training of vocabulary and structures in everyday workplace discussion situations
  • Using all of our senses and a variety of methods


Learning material

  • Learner-packs (mostly with CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs) from well-known publishing houses both at home and abroad
  • downloads and exercises from the Internet tailor-made material of our own
  • objects, images and, last but not least, body language




A record is kept using a tuition card of the contents of lessons and the learning progress that has been achieved, and this card is updated after every session; intermediate examinations can be held on request with a view to monitoring progress from the point of view of learning targets and reports compiled on any findings of interest.