from home and abroad, from Europe and from all over the world


We select our teachers carefully and put them through a tailor-made training programme to prepare them for teaching in a single language and at a level where the focus is on communication; we also monitor their pedagogical performance ongoing.


Formal and pedagogical requirements:

  • a generally academically-based qualification, predominantly in languages
  • the language to be taught is (almost always) the teacher’s first language and / or the teacher’s command of the language is that of a linguistically well-educated native speaker
  • a consistently outgoing and interesting personality and interested in other people and cultures


Our most important selection criterion, however, is and remains being able to and getting enjoyment from capably and successfully putting across to others a language, its many structures and possibilities when it comes to expression and, in doing so, get learners enthusiastic, stimulate them and steer them towards experiencing a true sense of achievement.